Terms and conditions


1. Scope of application and validity
These contract terms apply to distance selling between Stammi Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Stammi”) and a consumer customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”)
These terms are valid from 31 October 2021 until further notice.

2. Conclusion and transfer of the contract
A contract is concluded once Stammi has approved an order placed by the Customer. Stammi has the right, without the Customer’s consent, to transfer the contract in whole or in part to a third party to which the business operations referred to in the contract are transferred.

3. Time and method of delivery
The products are primarily shipped within one to five (1–5) business days from the order, unless a different delivery time is specified in the Product-specific Terms. In exceptional situations, the delivery time may be longer, in which case it is indicated in the service.

4. Customer’s right of cancellation and returns
All collectible stamps and other philatelic materials undergo a thorough professional quality check and are securely packed in shockproof and waterproof packaging. Return of goods is possible only in exceptional cases after discussion of the reasons

5. Reclamations and feedback
The Customer should inspect the shipment immediately after receipt. Stammi must be notified of any defects within a reasonable time from when the Customer noticed them or from the moment the Customer should have noticed the defect.

Stammi is responsible for product defects to consumers in accordance with the defect responsibility stipulated in the Consumer Protection Act.

Reclamations and inquiries should be made at Stammi’s customer service, info@stammi.eu

6. Customer register
The names and contact details of online store customers are stored in Stammi Ltd’s Consumer customer register.
7. Customer communication
Stammi may send both customer service messages to the Customer’s e-mail address and mobile phone.
8. Other applicable terms
If the Product-specific Terms and the Delivery terms of distance selling are in conflict, the Product-specific Terms take precedence.

Stammi shall be released from compliance with the obligations under the Agreement and its obligation to pay damages in case of force majeure situations, such as strikes, lockouts, other industrial action, accidents, measures by authorities and other circumstances that could not be avoided by Stammi and the consequences of which could not be prevented by Stammi. Stammi will make every effort to deliver its services, even under the above-mentioned exceptional circumstances, as well as possible. In force majeure situations, Stammi shall be entitled, if necessary, to prioritize the execution of services in order to implement or ensure statutory obligations, the functioning of society, health, public safety or other similar factors.

9. Validity
These delivery terms are valid until further notice. Stammi has the right to change these terms and product terms. The changes are announced on Stammi’s website.

10. Applicable law and disputes
This Agreement shall be subject to Finnish law. Possible disputes will be resolved in the District Court of Helsinki. The Customer also has the right to initiate legal proceedings in the court of first instance of their home municipality or bring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board for processing.